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Financial Fortune Teller

Visa's Fortune Teller App Foreseeing Your Financial Future

New mobile app helps Hong Kong consumers make informed financial decisions and raises awareness of the importance of future wealth planning

With Visa's dedication on financial literacy, a brand new Financial Fortune Teller app (財務水晶球) is officially launched today. The Financial Fortune Teller App is the first-ever app tailored for Hong Kong people, aiming to help consumers better understand their personal financial situation and plan for retirement.

The app asks the user to input the basic financial information needed to calculate a retirement plan: present age, planned retirement age, expected length of retirement, expected annual retirement income, and preferred investment strategy, from aggressive to conservative.

The app then calculates the user's expected annual retirement income, categorises it in different levels, based on the user's expectations, and provides tips on the different ways to improve retirement income: boosting annual savings, increasing income or adjusting their expected retirement age, for example. Alternatively, they can reduce their anticipated retirement expenses including housing, healthcare, food, transportation, etc. This helps users understand what changes they have to make to accomplish their retirement savings goals or how much they will have to adjust their retirement expenses and expectations.

The app is suitable for all ages. Users can see the long-term results of their retirement savings plan by changing their personal financial data and expectations, and the app will recalculate their annual retirement income.

The Financial Fortune Teller app is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store free of charge.

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The Fortune Teller App is for reference only. This App is not intended to offer financial advice for retirement planning. Visa does not request or collect personal information from the app users. Please refer to the app's Privacy Policy for details.