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Financial Aid for Education

In Hong Kong, parents have access to financial aid from the government to help pay for their children's education. Parents should carefully review various subsidies, grants and loans offered by the Student Financial Assistance Agency (SFAA), which cover all education levels – from pre-school to tertiary.

The SFAA operates a website that enables applicants to monitor the status of their applications, make repayments on their loans and view account information.

Not everyone who applies receives aid. Some of the SFAA's programs are means-tested, and applications will be assessed based on family income levels and the cost of education. The SFAA provides online tools that help applicants obtain a good idea of how much assistance they will be entitled to.

Other Sources of Government Aid for Education
In addition to the programs administered by the SFAA, other forms of financial assistance are available. Individuals who may be eligible for other aid from the Hong Kong Government include:

  • Qualified civil servants may apply for allowances for their children's education
  • Students training to become English-language teachers may apply for scholarship programs
  • Students who wish to enter agriculture and fishing-related industries may apply for scholarship programs

Other Sources of Aid
The government is not the only place to find help. Organizations including the Hong Kong Rotary Club and the Hong Kong Jockey Club also offer scholarship and aid programs. Check with schools and universities for institution-specific aid programs.

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