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Renminbi Cards

As more companies in Hong Kong do business in Mainland China, it is increasingly common for them to transact in Renminbi. The amount of Renminbi in circulation in Hong Kong is also growing rapidly as the city attracts more Chinese tourists. Most banks in Hong Kong now offer credit cards and debit cards in Renminbi, in addition to an increasing range of other financial services in the Chinese currency as it becomes more ubiquitous in the city.

Dual-Currency Cards
Most Renminbi cards issued in Hong Kong are dual-currency, supporting transactions in both Renminbi and the Hong Kong dollar. Such cards offer the following features:

  • Users may use dual-currency cards to pay for transactions in Renminbi on their travels in mainland China. The same cards can be used for spending in Hong Kong, making it unnecessary for users to carry multiple cards.
  • Dual-currency cards allow users to make Renminbi and Hong Kong dollar withdrawals in selected ATMs in Hong Kong.
  • Users need to maintain separate Renminbi and Hong Kong dollar accounts to settle their transactions made on their dual-currency cards.
  • Users may assign different spending limits to their Renminbi and Hong Kong dollar accounts.